Our service call fee is 65 $ for the diagnosis and estimate. The client pays for diagnostics. It includes the visit of the technician, diagnosis, fixing minor problems like as replacing the filter replacement of light bulb etc. However, it is under the consideration of the technician. After receiving the estimate, the client pays for the service call fee which is 65$ and can decide whether he wants to repair it or not ... If the client is satisfied with the cost of the repair, the service call fee will be automatically included in the total amount (that is, the diagnostics will be free for the client) So the diagnosis is free of charge (but only if the client wants to repair), Then the client pays a non-refundable deposit in the amount of the cost of the parts. The remaining amount must be paid by the customer upon completion of the repair. All parts are guaranteed for 6 months. If a problem occurs within 6 months, a technician will come and carry out diagnostics. If it turns out that the part installed earlier is not working properly, the client will receive a free part, free installation and next 6 months warranty. If the part is serviceable and it turns out that this is another problem, the client pays the service fee of $ 65 or approves a new repair.

If you need replacement parts, the technician will be happy to find the right parts for you. Our company works only with factories, manufacturers or with auto manufacturing stores. Since we have a guarantee for parts. If the part breaks down during the warranty period, we can change it. Therefore, the prices for parts are slightly higher than on Ebay or Amazon. You can order the parts yourself, but in this case, you will not have a guarantee and pay only for the installation of the desks. In this case, the technician is not responsible for the upline operation.

All other prices are given by the technician after checking the upline. It often happens that a visible breakdown is only a consequence and the reason is completely different. For this we cannot give a full consultation online. We need a technician visit and qualified service. otherwise, you end up spending more money.